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Most of the articles in my Japan Travel Guide will involve food. Some may not be totally food focused but will offer information that I believe you will find beneficial. Also, my list will be useful for someone who wants to start a travel blog or youtube channel. I did this on my recent Japan trip. I wanted to enjoy my trip, and fully experience everything but still wanted to be consistent on my social media. What really helped me was Mixx, they gave me real people and my views and engagement started to grow immediately. Also, their big pro is that their prices are budget-friendly and services are so high quality. If you are not in a position to travel right now, scroll down to the bottom of this guide for some of our Japanese and Japanese inspired recipes.

What to see in Japan

Japan is larger than you think and consists of many islands. There is so much to see and eat in Japan. Here are some of our favourite experiences.

KYOTO: Nishiki Market is known as Kyoto’s Pantry, and for a good reason. The variety of food to be found will blow your mind. From fresh vegetables and seafood, right through to the fluffiest freshly cooked tofu doughnuts.

Discover Nishiki Market

Matsumoto castle with moat and ducks

MATSUMOTO: Matsumoto Castle is one of the most stunning original castles in Japan. A sight to see with its black wooden exterior contrasting against the surrounding alps. A must visit when in Japan and a photographer’s dream.

Visit Matusmoto Castle

a group of hikers at mount fuji wearing colourful clown wigs walking up the mountain with poles

MT FUJI: A visit to Mt Fuji is a must. You can either do an overnight climb or spend a couple of hours exploring around the base. Either way it is quite an experience.

“A wise man climbs Mt Fuji once, only a fool climbs it twice.”

Visiting Mt Fuji

view of the street, shops and visitors at Tsumago in the Kiso Valley

KISO VALLEY: When you visit Japan why not take a little detour away from the tourist hot spots of Tokyo and Kyoto. Leave the bright lights behind and slip back into the Edo era for a day in Tsumago?

Guide to visiting Tsumago

two incense sticks burning at Asakusa temple.

TOKYO: A visit to Asakusa is a must when in Tokyo. The magnificent Senso-ji will captivate you. It’s the oldest temple in Tokyo. That is if the foreboding Thunder Gates don’t scare you off first.

Must see Asakusa

Unique Japanese Experiences

Here you will find some of the experiences we have had that you won’t generally read about. Japan offers so many unique experiences to visitors, but I try to uncover and share some of the more unique ones.

Sake Bar O Tokyo – sake cups being presented by the bar tender next to a bottle of sake

TOKYO: A hidden sake bar, Sake Bar O, a sake speakeasy so to speak. One of the well hidden bars in Tokyo where you will have a unique sake experience.

What and Where to Eat

Japanese cuisine is varied and delicious. From street food through to Michelin star restaurants, Japan offers it all. Don’t be scared to try everything!

The beauty of Japanese cuisine is that is seasonal. They celebrate both regional and seasonal foods. You will experience this more when you travel out of the larger cities.

tsukune, chicken meatball on a stick, being dipped in egg yolk for eating

TOKYO: Toriba, yakitori restaurant, Shinjuku

people sitting in on beer crates out doors in a alley infront of various izakaya next to the railway

TOKYO: Matsu Sou, popular izakaya, Ginza

the front of the restaurant with a large robotic crab as the sign

KYOTO: Kanai Doraku, crab speciality restaurant

soba noodles on a bamboo plate topped with shredded nori

TOKYO: Choujyu an, traditional soba, Ginza

kettle rice topped with bamboo and various seafood

TOKYO: Toigin, kettle rice experts, Ginza

fish wrapped in shisho leaves tempura sitting on a white plate

TOKYO: Ten Ichi, world famous tempura, Ginza

the outside of mos burger

EVERYWHERE: MOS Burger, awesome burgers

woman using cooking chopsticks cooking beef and sweet potato on a hot stone from mt fuji in a restaurant

TOKYO: Monkushun do, cook on stone from Mt Fuji

man holding a sake glass with sake being poured into it from a bamboo sake jug

TOKYO: Kaisendonya, a little taste of everything

Where to Sleep

A Japan Travel Guide wouldn’t be much use without accommodation. You will find reviews of some of the places I have stayed in.

All accommodation we feature offers something unique or special. It could be because of the food, the location, it offers something that other accommodation in the area doesn’t.

water running into a bath located on the balcony of the ryokan, with mt fuji and lake kawaguchiko in the back ground

MT FUJI: Kozantei Ubuya Ryokan offers luxury Mt Fuji view accommodation with outdoor private baths. Located on the banks of Kawaguchiko Lake, offering incredible views from your room across the lake of Mt Fuji.

Kozantei Ubuya Ryokan

twin beds in apartment

KYOTO/TOKYO: Looking for a Kyoto (or Tokyo) apartment hotel?  Accommodation a little roomier than a standard Japanese hotel room?  With space to comfortably accommodate a family or group travelling together?

Mimaru Apartment Hotels

Japanese Recipes – travel with your tastebuds

Not travelling to Japan just yet? Enjoying our Japan Travel Guide as a wishful escape or planning for a future trip? Then why not do a little travelling with your tastebuds!

You will find my Japanese and travel inspired recipes as varied as the cuisine in Japan.

Don’t forget to check out our complete recipe index.

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